June 25, 2024

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Empowering Support Teams

Building a stronger support team can be done in many ways – but one of the most effective ways is to use visual engagement tools like video and voice chat, or co-browsing.

Soon your agents will find and internalise this information and problems will get solved at a faster pace, with less friction.

Increased Productivity

To ensure you have a high-performing team, it’s not enough to just hire the best customer support representatives you can find; you also need to ensure that they have the tools they need to do their job well. Give your teams the freedom of information and shared decision-making to provide them with an environment where they can thrive. Otherwise, urge your managers to form friendships with their teams, to speak up for them. Staff members often want to be in a workplace where they’re going to trust their manager with their concerns and be backed up if something goes awry. On the other hand, micromanagement leads team members to feel powerless to make on-the-spot decisions without managing them or ongoing feedback from their peers. In both cases, holding back on empowering decisionmaking leads to employee morale issues and a high turnover rate.

Boosted Morale

Higher morale increases team members’ identification with their work and allows them to do it better; this can lead to increased productivity, accountability and faster problem-solving. A surefire way to do this is to help your teams to get recognition and rewards. It will make them feel valued among their colleagues and by their employer, and will also show you value them and their success. Foster a culture of continuous dialogue to boost team morale. Deliver the news to staff that your door is open for questions or concerns at any time.

Better Problem-Solving

Landing the best engineers, designers and reps is one thing. Giving managers the tools to enable their teams to unleash their true potential is another. Reach this goal by providing teams with the tools for making decisions without manager approval ahead of times, encouraging cross-team collaboration and communication, and creating a common knowledge base with troubleshooting tips and best practices that could easily be accessed by the team members. By empowered teams, it will shorten resolution time which would save time and money for the organisation and also provide better service to consumers which makes consumer happier, and they would potentially come to the organisation again for the service.

Increased Accountability

All of a sudden, it’s not just one person in charge, but everyone who becomes responsible for what they do. Not only do members of such teams take greater pride in their work, but they also feel personally obligated to do their best and get the job done well. All this makes people feel good in their jobs. At the same time, this feeling of increased personal responsibility increases the likelihood of their team continuing to thrive. Second, it encourages each member to take on new challenges and to teach and learn as much as they can from one another (including taking advantage of training programmes that can help your employees get the skills it will take for them to maintain their roles, individually and as a team, for your customers). Third, transparency of communication, healthy collaboration and the positive reinforcement provided by constructive feedback together help create an environment of accountability – trust your team and they’ll work harder for you, just as they’ll stay loyal.

Increased Collaboration

By individuals taking ownership and making decisions, teams can work together effectively and collaborate more. They can share and exchange ideas, talk through problems, offer solutions, and devise smarter pathways to address issues and resolve problems for customers – all to greater effect. Teams can also empower themselves, for example promoting an organisation-wide culture of developmental learning between colleagues by encouraging people to build on existing skills and also share them. It’s a great thing to go and bring on the top talent, but unless you’re enabling that top talent to not only thrive but be able to function and support each other, what happens? Trust is perhaps the most essential form of oxygen. It’s your adrenaline and the rush that everyone wants to get when they’re a part of something.